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About us: Basic Maintenance Supply Inc is a full line distributor of carpet cleaning equipment, carpet cleaning machines, floor buffer and supplies for the professional carpet cleaner, janitorial service, auto detailer, home cleaning professional, business owner, food service operator, hospitality manager and home owner.  We pride ourselves on asking the right questions to assure you receive the proper unit to fill your needs.  We have sold carpet cleaning equipment and floor care equipment and supplies throughout the world.  Cleaning carpet is a great business opportunity. We carry a full line of carpet machines, supplies and floor buffing and care equipment.  We are physically located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania and have been business since 1987.  We are proud members of the Eastern Pennsylvania Better Business Bureau.  Our prices are so good that we have had customers drive up to 12 hours to purchase a piece machine from us.  But price isn't everything. We make sure that you get a piece of equipment that will suit you and we try to give you as much information to help you. Let us help you keep your flooring clean.

Our 50,000 square foot facility with our fully stocked 8,000 square foot showroom is physically located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania just off of Interstate 95 and is easily accessible from all major sections of the City, Delaware and Southern New Jersey  .  We stock most chemicals and supplies for the cleaning industry.  We have a repair center on premises and repair Vacuums, Truck Mounts, Portables, Floor Buffers, Propane Buffers and other electrical and small engine equipment .  We carry a full line of common repair parts and have access to most parts for most equipt.  We ship through out the world.

Equipment and Parts Manufacturers: Century 400- Ninja, Diamondback and Sensei, Prochem, Avenger 500 Truckmount (Prochem Blazer) , Hydro-force, EDIC, Malish, Mercury, Pumptec, Shurflo, General Floorcraft, Mytee, Sandia Plastics, Koblenz, Powerflite, BE Pressure Washers, Aztec, PMF, Eagle IPC, Graco, Samco Metal Products,  Thoro-matic,


Basic Maintenance Supply Inc, 3700 Kenisngtion AV.,  Phila Pa 19124

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